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Sailing Lessons & Sunset Cruise

Are you inspired to take sailing lessons for an affordable price? If you want to attend a sailing school in Jacksonville, FL, you can rely on our friendly sailing instructor at Nepenthe Charter Sailing. From beginner to advanced, you have the opportunity to increase your skill level. Regardless of your schedule, you can book a sailing lesson for a suitable price within your budget.  Our sailing school  offers students quality guidance and instruction on sailing. In no time, you will have the freedom of traveling on the sea with your loved ones and exploring different locations. 

Nepenthe Charter Sailing also offers sunset cruises.  Enjoy a romantic setting while you sail across the St. Johns River.  Whether you want to propose to that special someone, take some time to relax and enjoy amazing scenery with someone you love, a sunset cruise with Nepenthe Charter Sailing is great for any occasion. There’s nothing more enjoyable than exploring and discovering St. Johns River on a charter boat with Nepenthe Charter Sailing.  

We also offer yoga cruises at sunrise and sunset, in addition to basic sailing lessons on a catalina 16'.

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