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Boat Rentals & Private Yacht Rental

Are you looking for private yacht rentals around Jacksonville, FL? If you are looking for private yacht rentals in Jacksonville, contact Nepenthe Charter Sailing! If you love the idea of sailing the open sea to a ports such as Amelia Island, Fernandina Beach, Cumberland Island, St. Augustine, or want to explore the St. Johns River, then you've reached the right company.  Here at Nepenthe Charter Sailing, we value the needs of our clients and we are focused on giving them a unique and exciting sailing experience. 

Whether you want to cruise on our yacht rentals for a few hours, stay overnight or for a couple of days, we are here to help you obtain your dream yacht vacation. All you need to do is to sit back, relax and leave all the sailing work in the hands of our capable crew. 

If you are in Jacksonville and are looking for a yacht rental,  you can reach us at Nepenthe Charter Sailing. Enjoy a fun day of sailing and exploring the St. Johns River, spotting wildlife, hollering “aaarrggg” like a pirate, kayaking, swimming, or swinging off a halyard. The possibilities are endless with Nepenthe Charter Sailing. 

We also offer yoga cruises at sunrise and sunset, in addition to basic sailing lessons on a catalina 16'.

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